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Model description TG0379 – exquisite princesses’ attires with 3D butterflies decor and colored stones

Charming and elegant child’s dresses in different styles with 3D butterflies on the bodice and skirts of a beautiful shape. The girl can choose the dress she likes, not only by design, but also of different colors: white, ivory, pink and mint.

The top basis of all TG0379 models is a tight corset with the “sweetheart” neckline and a straight back. The transparent sleeveless bodice with the clasp at the back is all covered with wonderful butterflies, which are sewn by hand and supplemented with colored crystals. Such a delightful 3D decor is extremely fashionable this season. The waistline of these wonderful child’s dresses with butterflies is highlighted by a thin satin girdle with a bow and a crystal decor. The only difference of this line attires is in the skirt design.

TG0379A gown has a lush multi-layered skirt, which is also decorated with weightless 3D butterflies.

TG0379B attire has a long A-line skirt that is made of the finest tulle. The snowy ornamental butterflies are sewn at its bottom. The elongated from behind basque is also decorated with ornamental butterflies.

TG0379C model – a delightful short dress with an original train on a fluffy skirt. The knee length skirt on a dense satin base is made of the finest tulle. At its bottom, there are several rows of the voluminous butterflies, which are additionally decorated with shimmering pebbles.