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The description of the model ТG0231 – a breathtaking snow-white outfit with a guipure bodice and Chantilly lace

The model ТG0231 is a snow-white outfit of stunning beauty with a guipure bodice and Chantilly lace for the most solemn event.

The off-the-shoulder bodice of this marvelous attire is crafted from snow-white guipure and has small sleeves hand-embroidered with sequins. The belt embellishment is accomplished to match the sleeves decoration with sequins embroidered over its entire surface and the buckle is created by a precious Indian appliqué of silver threads and gemstones. The skirt is of sophisticated design: its top is of the A-line silhouette, and the hem is crafted in the lantern style, slightly wrapped inward. The skirt itself is made of snow-white tulle topped with gorgeous finest French Chantilly lace.

Being romantic, stylish, luxurious, with chic embellishment, this outfit will make the girl the most charming and the happiest on a festive day.