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The description of the model ТG0230 –a trendy short jacquard dress and white cardigan in a smart ensemble

The model ТG0230 is a short jacquard dress and white cardigan combined in an elegant ensemble. It is perfect for a holiday or a day off, going on a visit or for a walk.

The jacquard fabric is one of the most esteemed and expensive due to a special way of its manufacture. The gorgeous patterns are created from threads of different thickness and color on a special machine. The basic color of our outfit is white while the ornament is of light beige tone. The sleeveless dress is of straight-cut shape with a round neckline. In the belt area there are two pockets with large white flaps positioned at an angle. The stylish cardigan with a stand-up collar is crafted from the same white fabric.

The smart and very stylish suit for a girl is universal as it can be worn both for a very solemn occasion and just going for a walk or attending some event.