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The description of the model ТG0225 – a white ball gown with a stunning red velvet lace

The model ТG0225 is a white ball gown with a stunning red velvet lace which stands out with a fabulous beauty against the flawlessly white background.

The scoop neck bodice is trimmed with floral patterns of velvet, and below the waistline the lace continues with the elegant festoons going around the skirt which is crafted from the snow-white light weight tulle; the magnificent skirt volume is provided by numerous layers of fabric. Along the hem of the skirt there is a stiff crinoline that preserves the shape of the skirt while moving or sitting. The hemline of the dress is also adorned with a wonderful lacy velvet embellishment. The waistline is accentuated with a white satin girdle.

The dress delicate in design, color and embellishment is a perfect option for a girl to wear at a special occasion. The little princess will be lost in admiration.