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The description of the model ТG0224 – a breathtaking outfit with Indian appliqué and rhinestones for its embellishment

The model ТG0224 is a stunning outfit with Indian appliqué and rhinestones all over the dress. It is designed in a classic ball gown style for very solemn occasions.

The fitted scoop neck bodice is hand-embroidered with precious Indian appliqués and luxurious shimmering rhinestones. The very voluminous skirt is formed from many layers of snow-white tulle which creates the proper volume. The light ethereal fabric is also adorned with rhinestones all over the surface. In front the lace embellishment delightfully falls onto the skirt.

The delicate and very stylish outfit is the girls realized dream of a real princess dress for a festive day. Make sure to take a lot of photos so that the wonderful day will remain in your memory forever.