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The description of the model ТG0221 – an admirable white dress with a lace bodice and skirt crafted from light weight tulle

The model ТG0221 is a romantic white dress with a lace bodice and skirt of light weight tulle with vertical patterned appliqués.

The guipure top of the outfit on the hard corset forms a beautiful neckline and small wing sleeves. The floral patterns from genuine French guipure gorgeously stand out on a nude-colored background. The A-line silhouette skirt is crafted from several layers of light weight translucent fabric and is manually embroidered with guipure lace. The waist is accentuated with a graceful hand-adorned girdle.

Wearing such a wonderful outfit with romantic aura, the girl will see herself as a real princess; she will feel comfortable both to dance and to sit at the festive table. In the photo the little princess will also look stunning.