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The description of the model ТG0220 – an elegant dress of stunning beauty with the illusion bodice and precious Indian appliqué

The model ТG0220 is a delicate dress with the illusion bodice and breathtaking precious Indian appliqués.

The originality of the outfit design is achieved by its hard corset with a plunging scoop neckline being covered with the finest illusion fabric, almost imperceptible on the body. Therefore it seems that the marvelous lace appliqués on the sleeves and décolletage are placed directly on the skin but actually they are sewn on the fabric. The Indian appliqués are one of the most spectacular types of festive embellishment since they use silver threads and wonderful gemstones. They look impressively on the children’s dress. With a special charm the beauty of this decoration is emphasized by the flawless snow-white tulle skirt.

Each girl dreams of such delightful attire which copies the most exquisite models for adults. It is really simple to make this dream come true with giving the child such dress for a solemn occasion and giving happiness therewith.