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ТG0215 model description – snowy ballroom gown with the royal decor made of charming strass

ТG0215 – snowy ballroom dress with the royal decor of the large strass that are trimmed by hand

The dress’ bodice fits tightly the figure. The symmetrical patterns of stones are embroidered all over the top, while the ornament descends on the magnificent snowy and light tulle skirt in the front. The numerous layers of a fabric adds the magnificent volume. There are no dense designs, therefore it will be convenient for a girl to wear such a gown. The dress’ bottom is also exquisitely decorated with strass, which broadly frame the skirt along the selvage. The dense ribbon perfectly keeps the skirt’s shape.

Magnificent design and stunning expensive decor – such an attire will be appreciated even by the most demanding princess. And, of course, it is necessary to make a lot of photos and videos to capture a happy baby