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ТG0211 model description – charming snowy ball dress with transparent sleeves and butterflies decor

ТG0211 – snowy ball dress with the transparent sleeves and the decoration made of butterflies, which are gathered in a strip along the bottom of a lush skirt.

The bodice has a tight corset that is covered with a thin and almost imperceptible cloth. It covers up the neckline and the back forming the ¾ sleeves. This delicate fabric is hand-decorated with flickering sequins, especially over the selvage. The top is adorned with the marvelous decor of guipure butterflies. The magnificent multi-layered skirt is made of the white tulle and is also embroidered with the wonderful butterflies, which are assembled in a wide band along the bottom and the tiny train.

Stunningly beautiful and impeccably white attire is an ideal choice for a spectacular celebretion. In such a dress, the girl can accompany the bride, receive guests for her birthday or other celebration.