Warranty and
after-sales customer care

The warranty period of 14 days (pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine) from the moment of purchase of the goods is given for the whole products range provided that the goods were properly stored and used. If a defect was detected or the goods need repairs within the warranty period our workers will certainly take care of it. All issues related to quality of the products will be settled individually via telephone or by other communication means mentioned in the ‘Contacts’ section.

Which goods is warranty given for?

  • Products purchased in our store

    We guarantee the highest quality of ‘Noble Shine’ products sold via our brand-name online-store. However, in case of defects occurred during manufacture the goods can be returned within the stated warranty period. For this, the following requirements are to be met: the goods are to be unused; the goods are to have its initial marketable condition; all factory labels and packing are to be retained; the return delivery of the order is to be paid by the buyer.

  • Goods with retained receipt

    You will be issued a receipt when purchasing goods at our store. It’s an important document; please retain it till the warranty period is over. A retained receipt can save you from many troubles in case of need for warranty servicing.

  • Products with initially undamaged packing

    All products from our store will be delivered in original packing. Please retain the packing as you will need initial undamaged packing in case of return of the goods.

  • Undamaged goods

    If the product was not damaged by any means you can return it within 14 calendar days. Please, try to avoid any damage to the goods. Just consult our warranty service; our employees will answer all your questions related to return of the goods.

  • Goods repaired by the third party

    If the goods you wish to return to the store were not used and/or altered but were repaired by the third party the return warranty is rendered invalid. Do not bring the goods to tailors unauthorized by our company and do not try to alter the goods or their elements on your own.

  • Other cases

    In order to return the goods for other reasons contact our servicing centre via telephone, e-mail or online chat. Our managers will provide you information on any other details related to return of the goods. You will receive all instructions needed to resolve your problem.

Can the warranty be rendered invalid?

  • Wear and tear

    Please keep in mind that the warranty does not apply to damage of the goods inflicted during their use.

  • Careless or incorrect handling

    If the goods have signs of incorrect and/or careless handling the warranty will be rendered invalid. However, the store can repair the goods at your expense.

  • Replacement of elements by a user

    The warranty for goods will be rendered invalid if the goods, their accessories and/or other constructive elements were damaged or altered.

  • Cleaning of the goods

    If the goods were spoiled by making attempts to perform internal, external, chemical and/or mechanical cleaning the store will not provide free warranty servicing to the buyer.

Return and exchange

If you are not satisfied by your purchase you can return or exchange the goods within the period of 14 days from the moment of sale pursuant to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of Ukraine.

The return of the goods on the territory of Ukraine shall be made at the expense of the buyer. After receipt of the returned goods the amount paid at purchase will be returned to your payment card (or will be paid by other means convenient for you) with the deduction of return delivery costs.

What do you have to do to return purchased goods? Enter your user account on the site, find your order management menu, choose respective order and click on “Return the goods”.

State the reason for return of the goods in the drop-list and the desired return mode: return of the money or change to other colour and/or size. Then click on “Confirm the return”. The process is started: our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

Our brand-name online store also offers you a possibility to exchange a product for the same item with different size and/or colour; you can also exchange purchased product for similar item available in the store.